Australia’s 15,000+ wildlife volunteers work relentlessly, under intense conditions, donating their time and resources to help rescue, rehabilitate and release our precious native wildlife. Series 1 of the Wildlife Heroes Podcast: Caring for Carers, aims to start a mental health conversation to support our volunteers to look after themselves, and each other. Series 2 of the podcast: One Animal at a Time, aims to explore the tremendous role of wildlife rehabilitators in conservation, and why rescuing one animal at a time is important, and valuable to the conservation of Australian species. Over 10 episodes, environmental podcast maker and former ABC RN producer Gretchen Miller talks with  psychologists, wildlife carers, vets, researchers and government representatives, to discuss their experiences with the wildlife rehabilitation sector. The theme music is called Respite (Series 1) and Palms Down (Series 2) and is from Blue Dot Sessions under a Creative Commons Licence (Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International).