March 2, 2021

What price our security

What price our security

Guests in the 352nd Sustainable Hour are environmental law honours student Sonya McKay, Simon Copland from Green Agenda, Rod Mitchell from Citizens Climate Lobby Australia, and more.

The Sustainable Hour no 352

Once again we are cramped for room in The Tunnel today.

Our first guest is Masters of Environmental Law student Sonya McKay who has serious concerns about the world we are leaving the children we decided to have. However this hasn’t dented her determination to use her studies to be an active climate solution seeker. We hear of the ambitious plans she has to be a driving force behind the first Protect Our Future From Fossil Fuels Global Day Of Action on 26 June 2021.

The Sustainable Hour will be right beside her and part of the official launch for that day on Saturday 27 March 2021. To find out more about both these days go to Fridays4FutureOnline on Facebook.

Our next guest is Simon Copland from Green Agenda. We learn how this publication focuses on green ideas in the broadest and deepest possible context. Each of the four editions each year focuses on a particular theme, the most recent being “Fire”. These can be freely accessed at They are always looking for fresh content and people to engage in discussions on the topics.

We start out today’s podcast with a part of Sir David Attenborough‘s acclaimed speech to the UN Security Council meeting last week, something Colin Mockett also comments on in this week’s Global Outlook. In fact he starts his report today by taking us to the same meeting. He quotes from two of the speakers, veteran film maker and conservationist Sir David and English Prime Minister Boris Johnson to show just how serious the security situation is as we face up to the climate crisis.

Staying in England, we then hear what the British Climate Commission has recommended should happen. A recommendation that will have huge ramifications for the international aviation and shipping industries.

Our roving reporter Rusty gives us two items he has come across as he travels from farm to farm in the Hunter Valley while he enables farmers to have some time off. He starts off with the person he calls the “Social Commentator” who gives us a wise suggestion on climate. This takes the shape of a simple challenge to us all. How can it be so simple? Rusty then introduces Rod Mitchell who heads up Australia’s chapter of the Citizens Climate Lobby, a group which over the last five years has concentrated on the lobbying of federal politicians to get a carbon price introduced in Australia. They are always looking for new members and participants in their various online conferences.

We are so grateful for our guests who, week after week, give us freely of their time and inspire hope. We welcome feed back on any of the issues we raise and the people we speak to. We sincerely hope that you, our listeners, get as much out of the show as we did in producing.

Until next week,