Aug. 10, 2020

Vote the difference

Vote the difference

Guests in The Tunnel on 12 August 2020 are local government election candidate Monica Winston, climate activist Caroline Danaher, community survey initiator Sanja Van Huet and Councillor Trent McCarthy from Darebin City Council.

The Sustainable Hour no 327Today marks the launch of The Sustainable Hour’s 2020 local government election coverage. Between now and the elections that are listed to be in October, we’ll be giving all candidates an opportunity to have a say about why they are standing and what issues are up-front for them. We will also be covering all the important local issues. With this in mind, we’ll welcome all input without fear or favour.

Our guests in The Tunnel on 12 August 2020 are three local women, who are long time passionate advocates for a safer, more just and healthy Geelong and world:

Monica Winston, who is giving serious thought to actually putting herself up as a candidate in the election. Monica has a high profile in getting Geelong’s Transition Streets projects up and running as well as administering community development projects.

Caroline Danaher is very active in many Geelong and district groups working for real action on climate, and other social justice issues at a local, state, national, as well as international levels.

Sanja Van Huet is co-initiator of Geelong Community Survey, which seeks to find out what matters to the Geelong Community. Take the survey.

Rounding out the show we have Councillor Trent McCarthy from Darebin City Council in Melbourne. Trent takes us through the process that led to his council being the first local government authority in the world to declare a climate emergency. This has grown to over 1,750 well connected councils today.

We’ll be doing everything in our power to see that the City of Greater joins this network and come up with a strong action plan with real targets and time lines. In fact we believe that this has to be the first action of the new City of Greater Geelong Council after the election. It has to be a major election issue.

Trent, an experienced councillor and election campaigner, also shares his advice to anyone who’ll be ‘standing for Earth’ and giving it a go as a candidate in the local elections.

In his Global Outlook, Colin Mockett zooms us firstly back to inside the Arctic Circle, specifically the Milne Ice Shelf, the last in Canada, which recently broke off. Next he takes us south to New York where the authorities there are taking the Trump administration’s Department of Labour to court over their laws that discourage ethical investments. Finally he lists the world’s five largest solar farms. Ironically the person behind three of these is Guatam Adani, the person who is causing so much controversy as he is wanting to build a mega coal mine in Central Queensland.

Until next week, educate yourself and vote the difference in October.

“Covid-19 presented an opportunity to pause, rethink, and design a new and faster transition to a low carbon future.
The price of solar modules has dropped by 99 per cent in the past 40 years, and given what I see, I expect prices to drop by an additional 99 per cent over the next 40 years – probably reducing the marginal cost of electricity to zero.”~ Gautam Adani, Indian billionaire industrialist, chairman and founder of the Adani Group

“There is a lot of things that people are doing that are groundbreaking in their own area.