June 15, 2021

Together: Incorporating differences in the vision

Together: Incorporating differences in the vision

The Sustainable Hour no 367: Redesigning the way climate movements mobilise - with Theo Kitchener and Dr Ruchina Talukdar.

The Sustainable Hour no 367: Redesigning the way climate movements mobiliseIn the tunnel on 16 June 2021 we have two climate revolutionaries to guide and inspire us as humanity faces up to the climate emergency together:

Theo Kitchener is a movement designer and the founder of A Movement For Global System Change. She is a political theorist and change maker with a background in climate activism which she recently has synthesised with ideas from the healing and business worlds. Theo is also planning online courses around healing for activists, where participants will be learning how to overcome fears and the divides that separate us, rethinking how activist groups organise themselves in order to become more powerful. She is keen to promote confidence around our collective ability to unify and transform via strategic and functional means. You can find out more about Theo’s movement on Patreon and Facebook.

Dr Ruchina Talukdar recently received her PhD at the School of Social and Political Sciences, University of Technology Sydney, on how activists from different cultures can work together effectively. She continues the theme that has run right through today’s program, i.e. the importance of accepting differences and not judging others who may appear to be different, but rather being able to put ourselves in their shoes and make an effort to understand. Ruchira Talukdar’s research compares energy politics and environmental mass movements in India and Australia. She has worked with Greenpeace in India an Australia, and with the Australian Conservation Foundation.

In-between the two interviews, we listen to a Facebook speech by American author Jason Yosef Shurka who has been featuring a lot on social media recently. Although he is talking about the Covid pandemic and people’s cognitive dissonance about it, we listen to his talk because what he is saying is just as relevant to the climate emergency. He refers to the “great divide” and the importance of overcoming that.

We also listen to Baba Brinkman makin’ waves and issue a language warning from the Juice Media crew as they once again use humour and many profanities to comment in their unique way about our Federal Government’s lack of real action on climate.

“Divided we fall, united we fly.”~ Jason Yosef Shurka, American author, coach and speaker

In today’s show, Mik Aidt excitedly brings in news from the latest Australia Talks survey from ABC News and the encouraging increase in people’s attitudes as regards how much extra they were prepared to spend to prevent a climate catastrophe. You will see more details below on this page.