Aug. 19, 2020

This is your moment in time

This is your moment in time

Guest in The Tunnel on 19 August 2020 - The Sustainable Hour no 328 - is Michelle Maloney, co-founder of the New Economy Network Australia.

The Sustainable Hour #328

Guest in The Tunnel on 19 August 2020 is Michelle Maloney – entering at 29 minutes in the podcast. Not being content with co-founding the New Economy Network Australia, she did the same for the Australian Earth Laws Alliance. Michelle is an extremely inspirational women who just oozes positive energy. Zoom does nothing to diminish the spark in her eyes. With practical solutions and a big vision, she empowers people to help create the better world so many of us are yearning for. It’s as though ‘Yes we will’ is her personal motto as she tells us about her latest projects called Beyond Crisis and Green Prints.

We listen to Sonya McKay‘s passionate call for a gas free Australia as she spoke on 25 July 2020 at the Narrabri Gas Project Public Hearing. Her speech was one of over 400.

As usual Colin Mockett takes us all over the world today in his Global Outlook: Firstly he introduces us to Cherry Murray who is co-chair of the InterAcademy Partnership, a world body of scientists. This consists of the Academies of Sciences from 140 countries. As the spokesperson for such a reputable organisation, her words should carry weight. She joins the legion of organisations urging governments to follow the science in their post-Covid economic recovery plans. Next we visit Mauritius where yet more toxic diesel oil has leaked into the ocean. This time from a ruptured Japanese tanker. We learn why diesel is much worse for the aquatic environment than ordinary crude oil. Finally we get an update of our performance on the UN’s ranking of countries in terms of their ecological performance – no cause for joy here as Colin compares Australia’s 2018 ranking to this year’s.

Rounding off the hour, we welcome back Juice Media for their irreverent satirical take of the way our Federal Government sells us short. STRONG LANGUAGE WARNING.

Our final item is a song entitled ‘I Once Loved the Land Called Australia’ which is not only a nostalgic look at our country in better times, but also a call for building local resilience and a better way to live.

This is our moment in time. Till this time next week, educate yourselves and #VoteTheDifference.

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“The thing that’s been great is we have tried to really just open up the conversation of ‘don’t we all want a fair, just and healthy society?’ and very few people say ‘No!’. So if you change the conversation or change the framing, you find that most people want the same stuff … But to talk about the economy with mainstream people, one thing I have found is if you talk about having core objectives of caring for each other and supporting each other and flourishing and being able to live on a planet forever rather than desecrate it, most people will come together on these values.”~ Michelle Maloney,