July 28, 2020

The full circle: Live the difference

The full circle: Live the difference

This is The Sustainable Hour's moment. Guests in (the extended) show no 325 are Suzie Brown, Donnie Maclurlan, Peter Vadiveloo and Elizabeth Mellor

Fond greetings, listeners, supporters and friends!

This week we are creating Sustainable Hour history. For every one of our previous 324 radio hours, The Sustainable Hour has been 1 hour long, but today, on 29 July 2020, because of the way our guests interacted and because we actually have the freedom to do this – one of the privileges of broadcasting from the digital Tunnel and not via the FM airwaves while our station remains in lockdown – the show has been extended to 75 minutes. We hope that you agree with us on the goodness of that.

Our first guest today is local and regular of the show, Suzie Brown, co-founder and director of the Australian Parents for Climate Action, AP4CA. Suzie outlines their very ambitious campaign to get solar panels plus battery storage in every school and community pre-school in the country. It makes good economic sense, so why isn’t the government doing this? Suzie tells us how we can help make this happen by signing an open letter to our Prime Minister. The letter already has over 2,000 signatures.

We zoom all the way to the United States where we chat with ex-Aussie Executive Director of the Post Growth Institute, Donnie Maclurcan. Donnie has lived in the US for eight years. He started this institute because there was no-one doing anything to challenge the notion of continuous economic growth on our finite planet – “for a future that is better, not bigger”. Donnie gives us lots to think about with his talk of a post-covid full circle economy, the ‘offer and needs market’ and some very popular leadership training we will be hearing more about.

Melbourne singer-songwriter and social justice activist Peter Vadiveloo then reveals his love of trees in his song ‘Fight for the Trees’. He launches this song on our show to coincide with National Tree Day which occurs on Sunday, 2 August 2020. Before performing live in The Tunnel, Peter mentions his concerns for a proposed gas hub in Western Port Bay, which will kill a lot of mangroves, and he provides information about how concerned listeners can get involved in preventing this carbon bomb from getting State Government approval.

Our third Tunnel-guest for today is Healing Circle meditation practitioner and teacher Elizabeth Mellor from The Awakening Network. Elizabeth tells us all about the importance of slowing down. The importance of taking our time to get up close to nature no matter where we are. Her calm presence belie her passion for slowing our racing minds down and appreciating what is important in life, connecting with nature and each other. 

In his Global Outlook, Colin Mockett takes us again to Siberia, where the mining town of Norilsk has been the centre of an unfolding environmental disaster. Information on this hasn’t been easy been easy to get, but with a research skill-set carefully honed by years of work as a journalist,