March 12, 2021

The Climate Revolution: Beyond Zero

The Climate Revolution: Beyond Zero

In the second episode we talk with Nathan Havay about how business can play a leading role in reversing carbon emissions to Climate Take Back.


“From those to whom much is given, much is expected.”~ Mary Gates, mother of computer entrepeneur Bill Gates, in a toast at Bill and Melinda Gates’ wedding

We need nothing less than a climate revolution, and that revolution begins in your head. Enter our new podcast series, The Climate Revolution. Welcome to the second episode, where we focus on business leadership in the climate emergency. Nathan Havay, co-founder of the Institute for Corporate Transformation and director of the film ‘Beyond Zero’, has an exciting, inspirational and transformative story to tell – about how business can play a leading role in reversing carbon emissions to Climate Take Back.

“Sustainability does not cost. It pays.”~ Ray Anderson, former CEO of Interface

Podcast content – in order of appearance00:05 Mike Ryan, WHO00:17 Opening film for the UN Climate Ambition Summit on 13 December 202001:40 John Kerry, United States Special Presidential Envoy for Climate02:25 Mik Aidt’s introduction to the hour08:10 Nathan Havay, director of the film ‘Beyond Zero’10:18 Audio excerpts from the film50:46 Leen Zevenbergen: The Next Frontier: Circularity, Consumers and Behaviour ChangeMusic00:00 Alex Aidt: Icecream (also at 04:27, 1:01:30)02:39 New Oddyssey (also 1:04:49)03:42 Wayne Jones: Resolution (also at 1:03:52)05:41 Dan Henig: Violet Spirit06:02 Oleg Byonic: The Sting1:06:03 Pernilla Aidt: Blue SkyA big thank you to the musicians for allowing us to use this music in the podcast.

Film tipAustralians can watch the movie ‘Beyond Zero’ until 15 March, because it is featured in the Transitions Film Festival – which ends on 15 March. Tickets sell at $12 dollars for online access, so you can watch it from your computer or tv screen at home.

Podcast tipIf you liked Leen Zevenbergen’s presentation, have a listen to his podcast, B-Talk, on Spotify.