Dec. 2, 2020

Surfing a new wave of energy and action

Surfing a new wave of energy and action

In The Sustainable Hour on 2 December 2020, our special guest is elite surfer Adrian (Ace) Buchan.

The Sustainable Hour no 343In The Tunnel on 2 December 2020, our special guest is Adrian (Ace) Buchan. Adrian continues the series we have been running of talking to climate concerned elite sports people. His sport being surfing. We learn why he has decided to speak up about his concerns and the extent of the love for, and commitment to his children, his sport and the natural environment. He is one of the rapidly increasing number of elite sports people who are prepared to use their position of influence in our sports crazy country to effect change.

Janine Duffy, the latest member of The Sustainable Hour team, gives us her monthly update of the world of koalas. She firstly rejoices in the news that the Federal Government plan to further weaken environmental protection laws were overturned in the senate. Next she celebrates Australia’s achievement in winning a major international travel award for the way we responded to the destructive fires of last summer. Finally, we hear of work to engage communities on the Mornington Peninsula in building koala habitat.

In Colin Mockett‘s Global Outlook this week we stick fairly close to home. His first item features the huge amount of money that the Victorian government has committed to a green recovery to the economic ravages of COVID19. Next we hear about Brett Sutton, the Victorian Chief Health Officer’s attitude to climate change. He then intrigues us with news of an ex-Federal government Finance Minister’s apparent change of heart on climate as he campaigns to get the head position of an important European economic organisation. Finally we hear about the World Meteorological Organization‘s assessment of carbon emissions during the pandemic.

We also play an excerpt of a Facebook video reality check about White America’s identity crisis by Matthew Cooke.

We hope that you enjoy listening to this week’s show as much as we enjoyed bringing it to you. 

We’ll be back in seven days with our focus on solutions to the climate crisis we face. Until then: Live the difference.

“When a child makes a mess, who cleans it up? The adults clean it up. A culture producing messes without cleaning them up is a culture at a child-level responsibility. The modern consumer society makes messes with no intention of cleaning them up. It is a society at a child-level responsibility”~ Clinton Callahan, management consultant

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