Nov. 17, 2020

Paving the way to climate leadership

Paving the way to climate leadership

Our guests in the Tunnel on 18 November 2020 are two extraordinary climate leaders who are paving the way

Two inspirational women are paving the way: Belinda Moloney and Emma Pocock

Our guests in the Tunnel on 18 November 2020 are two extraordinary climate leaders who are paving the way out of that corner which our federal government has painted itself and everyone else in this country into – by its unwillingness to take the climate emergency seriously and set appropriate targets.We find out what motivated successful ‘Put Climate First’ candidate Belinda Moloney to stand in the recent City of Greater Geelong elections, and what her plans are now that she is Councillor Moloney, one of three representatives for Kardinia Ward. We hear of her gratitude to the people who voted for her, the responsibility she feels for their faith in her, who she intends to stay connected with them, as well as what she hopes to be able to achieve while on council.

And we talk with Emma Pocock, the founder of FrontRunners. Emma is the next in our series of interviews on the influence that climate-concerned elite sportspeople can have in our sports-crazy country. Emma’s climate-concern is such that she founded the organisation to educate and inspire both athletes and sporting bodies alike about the impact that climate disruption will have on that industry, how we can all become ‘front runners’ creating climate solutions, as well as the wisdom for them in making allowances for all of this in their planning.

Colin Mockett starts his Global Outlook with a quiz with an unexpected answer. This leads into a chat about our country’s lack of willingness to take climate change seriously. He takes a look at the emission reduction targets by 2050-2060 that all five of our main trading countries have set and how Australia’s unwillingness to set our own targets will isolate us both economically and morally.

Finally we zoom back to Australia and hear what two major companies are doing to accept responsibility for their contribution to the climate crisis we face. Yet another stark contrast to our Federal Government.

That’s it for another episode of The Sustainable Hour – we look forward to being back with you all next Wednesday, and until then we’ll be doing our best to ‘live the change’ – and we encourage you to do the same. Live the difference!

“The thing that I keep thinking about is that professional sport will probably be able to stomach the costs in adapting to the kind of scenarios we are looking at in the future, but for community sport, for school sport, for kids playing on the weekend, these changes will be harder and harder to adapt to. As an industry, how do we mobilise to do our bit to make sure that sport continues?”~ Emma Pocock, founder of FrontRunners

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