Nov. 24, 2021

One Australian city takes a stand: climatesafe by 2035

One Australian city takes a stand: climatesafe by 2035

Our guests in The Sustainable Hour no 390 are Pat Simons and Wendy Farmer from Friends of the Earth Melbourne's Yes2Renewables campaign.

The Sustainable Hour no 390

Cities are leading: we’ll do it ourselves

“Now we have a plan. And the plan is that we’ll do it ourselves. Household by household, business by business, community by community, city by city.”~ Mik Aidt, in The Sustainable Hour no. 390

On 23 November 2021, Geelong Council approved its new Climate Change Response Plan with a target to become carbon neutral by 2035.

Our guests in The Sustainable Hour on 24 November 2021 are Patrick Simons and Wendy Farmer from Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s Yes2Renewables campaign.

[49:50] Patrick Simons fronts Friends of the Earth’s Yes2Renewables collective. He updates us on what has been a very busy few months for them. In particular we learn that at the federal government level, they are focusing on getting approval for off-shore wind farm legislation from federal energy minister Angus Taylor. This, when approved, will free up important projects like the Star of the South wind-farm in Gippsland and other similar off-shore renewable energy projects. They have also been busy at the state level by having input into various enquiries, in particular how to get to 100% renewable energy.

A discussion then follows on the opportunities that will come with these off-shore farms. And yes, we couldn’t resist a rant about our Prime Minister’s dismal performance at Glasgow.

Patrick’s colleague and Latrobe Valley’s powerhouse grass roots campaigner and organiser Wendy Farmer joins us [at 1:03:28] with specific details on and insight into what is happening on the sustainability front on ground in the valley where she works and protects with great passion. You can find out more about their work at the website for Friends of the Earth Melbourne’s renewable energy campaign.

[At 10:52] Mik Aidt talks about the corruption of our democracy by fossil fuel money and the movement that is gaining momentum against that, led by the initiative by Climate 200 to raise funds to support campaigns by high profile independent candidates at our next federal election.

This is accompanied [at 12:54] by an excerpt from the very popular Australian new program on Channel10, The Project, where this issue was covered in some detail last week.

Mik also sings the praises of the City of Greater Geelong Council for setting a target of zero emissions by 2035. This is in direct contrast to our current federal government’s lack of climate ambition.

Following this, we hear clips from the leaders of two megacities in London and New York who spoke at COP26 last week. Firstly London’s mayor Sadiq Khan [at 26:35] and then New York’s ex-mayor in Michael Bloomberg [at 32:17].