Feb. 2, 2021

Now or never: kicking off a climate revolution

Now or never: kicking off a climate revolution

Guests in The Tunnel of the 348th Sustainable Hour are: Director of the National Sustainable Living Festival Luke Taylor and Swedish sustainability consultant Mats Larsson.

Hi all sustainable listeners – here we go for yet another year of our podcasts where we focus on solutions to the climate emergency we face, and in the process give you, our valued listeners, hope and motivation to become part of the solution along with us. As we discuss in today’s podcast, the solution will have to be to become nothing less than a revolutionary. Welcome to the climate revolution of 2021.

We have two guests in ‘The Tunnel’ of the 348th Sustainable Hour.

It’s February and that only means one thing in Victoria, Australia: The SLF, or the National Sustainable Living Festival. Once again we have its director Luke Taylor outlining what wonders we can expect in this year’s program, which runs all through February. He directs us to www.slf.org.au to find out what is happening each and every February day, and also how the National Climate Emergency Summit 2021 will present a series of critical conversations – Reset.21 forum series – to advance strategy and responses to the climate emergency.

Following Luke, we zoom over to Sweden, where we meet one of that country’s leading sustainability consultants Mats Larsson who has just written a book that has been receiving very good reviews. We hear him reflect on why he wrote the book – titled ‘Blind Guardians of Ignorance: Covid-19, Sustainability and Our Vulnerable Future – A Handbook for Change Leaders, Young and Old’ – and what he hopes it will achieve. In the process we learn much about the political process in his country.

Rounding out the show today we have an item from our youth reporter Ben Pocock. In it, Ben reflects on his school’s Climate Council by interviewing friends who were on that Council with him. We learn about what they consider to be their successes as well as what they could have done better during a very Covid-19-interrupted 2020 school year.

Ben has just started high school and is keen to continue filing youth reports for The Sustainable Hour. We wish him all the very best in his secondary education and look forward to getting reports when he finds his feet at his new school.

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