Sept. 15, 2020

Making the tree change: standing with Earth

Making the tree change: standing with Earth

The Sustainable Hour no 322 with Sarah Jones and Jamie Marloo Thomas, co-founders of Wayapa Wuurrk, election candidate Belinda Moloney and youth correspondent Ben Pocock

The Sustainable Hour no 332

Joining us in our in the Tunnel and Stairway to Hiatus on 16 September 2020, we have three guests:

Sarah Jones and Jamie Marloo Thomas, the co-founders of Bacchus Marsh Earth-based wellness group Wayapa Wuurrk. Jamie is a proud First Peoples man who believes that as a traditional custodian, it is his responsibility to share his connection to country and teach others how to respect and care for it, to heal it and let it heal us. He is very ably complemented be his Welsh-born partner and co-founder Sarah Jones.

Election candidate Belinda Moloney then explains why she is standing as a ‘Put Climate First‘ candidate for Kardinia Ward in the upcoming City of Greater Geelong elections. She also explains the issues on which she is standing.

We welcome back our Youth Correspondent, 11-year-old primary school student Ben Pocock as he presents the fruits of his thorough research on recycling. We marvel at the professional way he presents this information. 

Colin Mockett‘s Global Outlook starts by updating us on the out of control fires along the western side of the US – he tells us how the situation has been going on for over six weeks and has now spread to 12 states – so reminiscent of the situation in Australia nine months ago – and a dire warning about what we could easily face here as summer rapidly approaches accompanied by our forests and grasslands drying out.

Next item provides some light relief and irony as we hear about Donald Trump’s claims to be the “best ever US environmental president’ as he is about to visit fire-ravaged areas this week.

Colin then brings us back home as he focuses on global mining giant BHP Billeton’s bold targets as part of their shared responsibility for mitigating their contribution to the climate crisis we face. Finally he analyses the results of the recent City of Greater Geelong’s community survey on sustainability and congratulates Geelong Council for passing resolutions to take these concerns seriously at their most recent meeting.

Till next week, if you appreciate the work we so happily produce each week, feel free to share it far and wide. To all Victorians out there reading this, #VoteTheDifference: #PutClimateFirst

“Local government needs to do something to build onto the growing momentum around sustainable practices.”~ Belinda Moloney, ‘Put Climate First’ candidate for the Kardinia Ward in the City of Greater Geelong council elections

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