April 6, 2022

Geelong gas hub moral and economic madness

Geelong gas hub moral and economic madness

Guest in The Tunnel on 6 April is Robert Patterson from Geelong Renewables Not Gas. We hear excerpt of speeches from UN Chief Antonio Guterres, Labor leader Anthony Albanese and Geelong climate activist Lauren Dillon.

The Sustainable Hour no. 406 

Guest in The Tunnel on 6 April is Robert Patterson from Geelong Renewables Not Gas. We listen to excerpts of speeches from UN Chief Antonio Guterres, Labor leader Anthony Albanese, Geelong climate activist Lauren Dillon, and Research Director at The Australia Institute Rod Campbell.

“Transformational change is needed practically in every sector and every region.”
~ Tommy Wiedmann, lead author of the ‘Emissions trends and drivers’ chapter of the latests IPCC report

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We at The Sustainable Hour would like to pay our respect to the traditional custodians of the land on which we are broadcasting, the Wathaurong People, and pay our respect to their elders, past, present and future.

The traditional owners lived in harmony with the land. They nurtured it and thrived in often harsh conditions for millenia before they were invaded. Their land was then stolen from them – it wasn’t ceeded. It is becoming more and more obvious that, if we are to survive the climate emergency we are facing, we have much to learn from their land management practices.

Our battle for climate justice won’t be won until our First Nations brothers and sisters have their true justice. When we talk about the future, it means extending our respect to those children not yet born, the generations of the future – remembering the old saying that…

“We do not inherit the Earth from our ancestors. We borrow it from our children.”

The decisions currently being made around Australia to ignore the climate emergency are being made by those who won’t be around by the time the worst effects hit home. How disrespectful and unfair is that?

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Video message by UN Secretary General at the IPCC Working Group III AR6 press conference

“Investing in new fossil fuels infrastructure is moral and economic madness.”
~ Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, at the IPCC report launch press conference on 4 April 2022

“This is madness. Addiction to fossil fuels is mutually assured destruction.”
~ Antonio Guterres, United Nations Secretary-General, calling out Australia and a “handful of holdouts” for failing to lay out meaningful near-term plans to slash emissions.

ABC – RN Breakfast – 5 April 2022:
Climate scientists say its ‘now or never’

The Guardian – 5 April 2022:
IPCC report: ‘now or never’ if world is to stave off climate disaster

“We are facing the end of civilisation if we do not act on the climate emergency. We are heading towards societal collapse. When your house is on fire, you stop pouring petrol on the flames.”
~ Larch Maxey, eco-campaigner in the United Kingdom

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“The plans are going to destroy our future by funding more coal and gas and making the climate crisis worse. This budget is a calculated, expensive climate crime.”
~ Adam Bandt, leader of the Greens, commenting on the Federal Budget

→ RenewEconomy – 28 March 2022:
“Perverse:” Australian fossil fuel subsidies will top $22,000 a minute this year
“Australian fossil fuel subsidies will top $11.6 billion this financial year, with new analysis shedding light on the extent to which both federal and state governments are actively supporting the continued expansion of the fossil fuel industry.”

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Make a submission

Lauren Dillon: “The gas hub flies in the face of the climate emergency.” Share via Youtube and Facebook

If you have any concerns about Viva Energy’s plans for a gas import terminal in Corio Bay, now’s the time to speak up.

This is a big new fossil fuel project in Geelong’s Corio Bay that could lock in gas consumption for years. It takes Victoria in the wrong direction just as we need to be switching to renewable energy.

Environment Victoria wrote: Feedback on the environment assessment closes on Monday 11 April, and we need hundreds of people to lodge their objections by then to make sure the community’s voice is heard.

There’s been a huge groundswell of momentum against this project in Geelong, but now we need to translate that into official submissions to the government.

Here’s how you can get involved:

1. Join a webinar this Thursday at 7pm

WHAT: Workshop to give feedback on Viva Energy’s gas terminal in Geelong
WHEN: Thursday 7 April, 7pm-8.30pm
WHERE: Online with Zoom – Register here:

At the workshop, we’ll run through the facts about the gas terminal and guide you through the process of making a submission. There will also be time in the session to draft your submission and send it off!

2. Make a submission right now!

You don’t have to be an expert and it only takes 5 minutes.

You can follow the guidelines from local group Geelong Renewables Not Gas here: www.geelongrenewablesnotgas.org/lettertips/

Or you can simply go straight to the government’s webpage here.

The successful campaign against AGL’s proposed gas import terminal in Westernport Bay demonstrated that written submissions from concerned locals can make a big difference.

So if you have 5 or 10 minutes spare before Monday 11 April, please take the time to make a submission against the gas terminal.

Thanks for any help you can give to this important cause.

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IPCC report: Final warning

The new report from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change makes it clear that the next few years will be critical in making the changes needed to avert climate disaster. Greenhouse gas emissions must peak by 2025, and can be nearly halved this decade, to give the world a chance of limiting future heating to 1.5°C.

The final cost of doing so will be minimal, amounting to just a few percent of global GDP by mid-century, though it will require a massive effort by governments, businesses and individuals.

1.5°C is now inevitable. But above that and climate breakdown effects will become irreversible.

The IPCC working group 3 report found:

1. Coal must be effectively phased out if the world is to stay within 1.5°C, and currently planned new fossil fuel infrastructure would cause the world to exceed 1.5°C.

2. Methane emissions must be reduced by a third.

3. Growing forests and preserving soils will be necessary, but tree-planting cannot do enough to compensate for continued emissions for fossil fuels.

4. Investment in the shift to a low-carbon world is about six times lower than it needs to be.

5. All sectors of the global economy, from energy and transport to buildings and food, must change dramatically and rapidly, and new technologies including hydrogen fuel and carbon capture and storage will be needed.

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Animal Justice Party has started a petition:

Declare a Climate Emergency

“The climate crisis is here. Australia is already growing warmer, experiencing changes in rainfall, catastrophic bushfires and witnessing rising sea levels. The devastating bushfires of 2019-20 placed our wildlife on a fast-track to extinction, with nearly three billion animals perishing.”

Sign the petition

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“It’s hard to accept, but all our kids face a challenging, turbulent future. There’s nothing we can do about this. It’s our job now to make sure they don’t face an impossible one.”
~ Climate Dad, UK, who has 10,000 followers on Twitter

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Events we have talked about in The Sustainable Hour

Events in Victoria

The following is a collation of Victorian climate change events, activities, seminars, exhibitions, meetings and protests. Most are free, many ask for RSVP (which lets the organising group know how many to expect), some ask for donations to cover expenses, and a few require registration and fees. This calendar is provided as a free service by volunteers of the Victorian Climate Action Network. Information is as accurate as possible, but changes may occur.



List of running petitions where we encourage you to add your name

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