Oct. 20, 2021

Food, energy and faith: Cooking up a climate revolution

Food, energy and faith: Cooking up a climate revolution

Guests in The Sustainable Hour no 385 are Dr Nick Rose, Executive Director of Sustain, and Karina Donkers, Co-ordinator of Green Light's Small Business Energy Saver Program.

The Sustainable Hour no 385

We start today with a report containing video clips from participants who was part of the GreenFaith action in Geelong on Monday. Here Muslims, Buddhists and Christians came together calling on our politicians to stop new coal and gas projects and support Zali Steggall’s climate bill in Federal Parliament. We hear statements from Queenscliff Lonsdale Anglican vikar Peter Martin, Hannah Mayer from The Drol Kar Buddhist Centre, and Geelong imam Muhammad Ramzan. This was one of over 500 GreenFaith actions world wide.

In The Tunnel on 20 October 2021 our guests are:

Founder and Executive Director of Sustain – the Australian Food Network – and lecturer in food systems at the William Angles Institute, Dr Nick Rose who we range widely with. From his connection with women farmers and ‘agripreneurs’ in Gaza rebuilding their farms to what he is doing closer to home, organising urban agriculture forums and activities, including the Melbourne Food Hub, Cardinia Food Movement and a report about urban agriculture. Now there’s a group who are very busy at being cutting edge climate revolutionaries! Nick can be contacted at: info@sustainaustralia.org.

Karina Donkers who is co-ordinator of Geelong Sustainability’s Small Business Energy Saver Program. Karina tells us all about the services that they offer through the Green Light Social Enterprise, where the idea is to help small businesses save money by becoming more energy efficient. Karina and her team help businesses with between 1 and 19 employees (full-time equivalent) find the right equipment and accredited provider to ensure that your business can upgrade its equipment and receive the rebates and bonuses.

A range of equipment upgrades are eligible for the discount, such as heat pump hot water systems, space heating and cooling systems, refrigerators and upright freezers, refrigerated display cabinets and fan motors in refrigeration systems. You can check these out at www.greenlight.org.au/sbesp. Karina can be contacted at: energysaver@greenlight.org.au or 1300 227 257.