Dec. 21, 2021

Community action through deep listening

Community action through deep listening

In The Sustainable Hour no. 394 on 22 December 2021 we host The Consensus Institute's pair in Cindy Eiritz and Mark Spain.

In The Sustainable Hour no. 394 on 22 December 2021 we host Community Consensus Institute‘s pair in Cindy Eiritz and Mark Spain.

This institute is an American initiative, but they are both based in Australia. Cindy and Mark speak very enthusiastically about the unique nature of a course they will be running in 2022. The institute’s latest course reportedly had a wonderfully successful start. It is based around the questions they ask. The participants are working with real live big system challenges in communities and landscapes around the world, especially USA and Australia. After the first workshop some participants helped Jeff co-facilitate a challenging 170 person online conversation exploring how to fix the broken water cycle in a one day gathering called “Dirt on Snow” with people affected in the Colorado and Rio Grand River catchments.A key feature of their course is Dadirri – a program of ‘deep listening’ initiated by this year’s Senior Australian of the year Aunty Miriam-Rose. In closing Cindy refers to another of her focus areas in regenerative farming. She refers us to the amazing Andre Pradesh people.

You can read more information about the institute’s 11-month program here. Ticket sales are now closed but you can pro-rata your payment by contacting Jeff Goebel. If you are interested in attending the Consensus Institute course, they suggest the following:

1. Contact Jeff Goebel at goebel@aboutlistening.com2. Attend a three-hour introductory session in mid January 2022.3. Listen to Bob Chadwick describe the power of this process to know what skills you will be learning.

They still have five places available. The workshop starts in early February 2022. They are keen for others to join them, and they have concession rates if full payment isn’t available. Learn more about it on the Consensus Institute website. 

→ Online Consensus Institute – 1 year, 11 modules: Are you ready to go deeper for 100% agreement and harmony to build a better future with energy and intent?

We start off the hour by reflecting on slowing down and getting together for Christmas and getting the lowdown on the part that Tony played last week in a protest blocking the exit gate of Exxon Mobil’s fuel distribution in Yarraville. During the hour we also play Keb Mo’s song ‘Put a Woman in Charge’ and the latest satire-wonder from The Juice Media: an