Sept. 29, 2020

Clever and creative women putting climate first

Clever and creative women putting climate first

On 30 September 2020 The Sustainable Hour hosts a panel of 'Put Climate First' candidates for Geelong and one from the Surf Coast Shire for the local government elections that are rapidly approaching via our postboxes.

The Sustainable Hour no 334

On 30 September 2020 we host a panel of ‘Put Climate First’ candidates for the City of Greater Geelong and one from the Surf Coast Shire for the local government elections that are rapidly approaching via our postboxes. The Geelong candidates are:Belinda Moloney standing for Kardinia WardElise Wilkinson standing for Bellarine WardMonique Connell standing for Windermere WardSandi Dwyer standing for Brownbill WardAnd from Torquay Ward in the Surf Coast Council we have well-known community organiser Monica Winston.

Join us as we listen to these very articulate women outline what they will bring to the table, should they be elected. The main planks in their campaigns are:

* Zero carbon emissions by 2030* Localise goods and services* Regenerate ecological and local systems* Create a Citizens’ Democracy

You can find out more at their website:

Today, as always, Colin Mockett has us zooming all over the world in his Global Outlook. An item from the World Meteorological Society leads us off. Here Colin highlights recent weather events that have wrecked recent havoc all over the Northern Hemisphere as well as weather records that have been smashed. He updates a couple of familiar extreme weather induced disasters in that part of the world. Additionally he takes us to the United Nations General Assembly where we hear about the Chinese leader’s address where he explains that his country has no choice but to fund a Green Revolution as part of their post Covid economic stimulus. This in the wake of unprecedented floods where over 250 of their citizens perished. Mik concludes this segment with news from his birth country, Denmark: their new Green Future Fund where they will invest over three billion Euros in green and clean energy solutions. Unlike Australia, none of this will go towards propping up fossil fuel.

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#GreenRecovery: Information to vote for a different post-Covid Geelong

“Change is not the enemy.“ (…) ”There is an interdependent relationship between architechture, agriculture, science, transport – there is so much that we can do, and it is not one thing doing it on its own, it is this interdependent relationship, where we are all on board to flatten that curve, it is about saying: How can we all do this together?”~ Sandi Dwyer, council election candidate in Greater Geelong’s Brownbill Ward

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