Aug. 9, 2019

On Home Ground

On Home Ground

Home Ground can mean a place you live, a place you’ve developed a relationship with over time, or further ranging territory you travel across in your day to day. Here we explore three stories of caring for the land. We’re travelling to farm country near Tumut, NSW, then across the Blue Mountains to a hidden valley and then to the Brisbane suburbs, as a simple pile of grass clippings threaten a small patch of local bush.
Louise Freckelton, sheep farmer: Carex and the Ducklings.
Kathryn Read, tree planter: On Planting a Forest.
Jill Bauer, landcarer: Whacking Weeds Rescues Creek!.

Produced and presented by Gretchen Miller.
Sound engineering by Judy Rapley.

This podcast is supported by UNSW, Landcare Australia and through an Australian Government Research Training Program Scholarship.

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