Nov. 15, 2021

26. The role of forestry in tackling climate change

26. The role of forestry in tackling climate change

Carbon Critical founder Jamie Heather has spent the last year delving into the complex and often confusing world of forestry, to understand the role that trees can play in reducing greenhouse gas emissions. His ultimate goal: find new business opportunities to achieve big emissions reductions via trees and other nature-based carbon sequestration methods.

This episode will provide you with a high-level introduction to forestry and its impact on the climate crisis, along with an explanation of the ETS (Emissions Trading Scheme) and some of the opportunities in the fast-growing carbon farming sector.

We cover various subjects including the differences between native trees and exotics, the ETS and voluntary carbon markets, the power of forestry to sequester carbon compared to other methods and much, much more!

You may remember Jamie Heather from a previous episode we recorded on the subject of donating to help the climate crisis: