Aug. 30, 2021



Climate Action Show – August 30th 2021. 

Produced by Vivien Langford 

The IPCC report 2021

Greenpeace, Get Up! And Extinction Rebellion 


Professor Will Steffen - The Climate Council 

David Ritter - CEO of Greenpeace Australia

Extinction Rebellion Canberra - The Duty of Care Action

Richard Denniss - The Australia Institute

Josephine Baker - Singing "Reves", Admitted to the French Pantheon of National Heroes


The appalling scenarios in front of us, shown by the extensive work of the IPCC scientists, prompt action.

You might feel overwhelmed but the worst thing to do is act as if it's too late. Please put your toe in the water by listening to this podcast and passing it on to a friend.

1. Extinction Rebellion is organising for action in October.Events - Extinction Rebellion Australia ( is external)

2. So are the School Strike 4 Climate people. Home | School Strike 4 Climate Australia

3. Get UP! has a "Code Red Climate Blitz" in the ten weeks leading up to the UN conference in Glasgow. They send you a text message to take one action each week for 10 weeks.GetUp! - Sign up: Code Red Climate Blitz

4. Greenpeace CampaignsAGL launches legal battle against Greenpeace over climate change campaign

5. If these types of climate action do not appeal to you have a look at the list of Climate Action Network Australia groups. our members - CANA


Further Reading/ Viewing

Climate Action group : Bushfire survivors win landmark climate change case against NSW EPA - ABC News


Burning a pram in front of parliament a b rilliant article by Paul Gregoire: “Hell on Earth”: Extinction Rebellion’s Violet Coco on the Urgency of Climate Activism (


David Ritter article :Empire of the Dead: The Fossil Fuel Order and the clean-energy rebellion – Arena 


The IPCC Report August 2021 :AR6 Climate Change 2021: The Physical Science Basis — IPCC


Richard Denniss and Allan Behm : Double Game | Australian Foreign Affairs

(263) Feeling the Heat - Australia Under Climate Pressure | Marion Wilkinson, Allan Behm & Richard Denniss - YouTube