July 12, 2021

Daniel Bleakley on Coal Miners Driving Teslas

Daniel Bleakley on Coal Miners Driving Teslas

Activism in new places - Coal Miners Driving Teslas

Carly interviews Daniel Bleakey, an engineer, activist and electric vehicle enthusiast who is spearheading a new project to change the conversation around Australia by getting coal communities into his Tesla one drive at a time.

Daniel is on a mission to travel across the country filming people's reactions and talking about a clean tech, post carbon economy for Australia. He wants to do this full time from present day up to the next Federal election.

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We also hear a little about my monthly online yoga fundraisers that champion a different climate group each month, get involved and check out more on Instagram @yoga_for_climate_action

Finally, we hear from Greta Thunberg and her speech at the Austrian World Summit.