April 18, 2022

Monday Megaphone - Birdlife Australia current projects Part 2

Monday Megaphone - Birdlife Australia current projects Part 2

Dr. Holly Parsons and Grant wrap up the list of projects for March 2022 and ongoing.

Birdlife Australia always has a range of projects underway to learn more about our endangered birds, and to design the important programs to try to ensure the survival of the most at-risk species in Australia.

Dr. Holly Parsons, Manager of the Urban Birds program at Birdlife Australia talks to Grant about these projects. (There was too much for one episode - next one follows)

  • Bird-friendly Gardens
  • Orange-bellied Parrot surveys
  • Act For Birds petitions
  • Glossy Black-Cockatoos
  • Gang-gang Cockatoos

The Bird Emergency website - www.thebirdemergency.com

Check out Birds In Backyards at Birdlife Australia

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