May 14, 2022

069 Prothonotary Warbler with Jarod Hitchings

069 Prothonotary Warbler with Jarod Hitchings

World MIgratory Bird Day May 14th 2022

This episode began as a celebration of one of the most curiously named, most loved and interesting migratory species of North and Central America, the Prothonotary Warbler.  It became a very free-flowing and wide-ranging discussion about a bird that Jarod is obviously very passionate about, his connection to the migratory birds that he sees and appreciates each season, and the efforts he takes to encourage the PROWs that visit his area to breed in artificial nest boxes, made from juice or milk cartons.

The Prothonotary Warbler breeds in the northern parts of the USA and Canada in wooded country, but heads south to avoid the northern winter to spend the cooler months in mangroves in central America.

It's a bit of fun, as Grant and Jarod appreciate a mutual love of birds, albeit in very different places.

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Bob Dolgan is also a big fan of the Prothonotary Warbler, and has produced some very striking T-shirts that celebrate the PROW. You can check out one of Bob's articles here, and also check out the t-shirt.

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