May 14, 2022

066 Adelie Penguins with Javen Riaz

066 Adelie Penguins with Javen Riaz

Pint of Science AU Takeover 2022

Adelie Penguin - Photo Marcus Salton

Photo courtesy - Marcus Salton

What could be for fun than talking again about penguins, with somebody who has summed up their research project in a haiku?

Well, in this episode, as part of the @PintOfScienceAU Takeover for 2022, you will meet Javed Riaz, who is a undertaking PhD studies on the foraging habits and prey of the Adelie Penguin, in the Australian Antarctic territory.

Adélie penguins are indicators of the health of their ecosystem. By studying the foraging behaviour and habitat, Javed expects to further understand the movement behaviour and foraging strategies of Adélie penguins, and their relationship with oceanographic parameters and the regional prey-field.

This is critical knowledge in order to highlight regional forage areas and predict likely impacts and responses under future krill harvesting and climate scenarios.

Research project in a haiku:
Adelie penguins
Diving and foraging
Among the sea ice

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