March 17, 2021

Episode 45: Confident Conversations

Episode 45: Confident Conversations

Have you ever talked about climate change with someone and felt like the conversation didn’t go as well as you planned? Or have you avoided having these conversations because you don’t feel well equipped?

In 2020, Climate Compass conducted research that identified seven segments in the Australian community according to attitudes and behaviours toward climate change. Although the research found 82% of Australians understand climate change is real and are worried about it - their response to messages, and willingness to take action is varied. 

Lisa - through her work at Climate for Change was engaged to use this research and create a guide that would help everyone have more targeted and effective conversations about climate change with others. 

It helps people identify what segment the person they are talking with belongs to, what the general values and attitudes are of that segment, and provides guidance on what messages would be appropriate and effective to get them to take more action.

You can download our Climate Conversations Guide here.

And if you’re interested to extend your skills in this area, Climate for Change’s facilitator training is free and builds on these basic tips to enable volunteers to guide group discussions about climate change that have a real impact.

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