Jan. 29, 2021

Episode 42: Preserving the right to witness nature’s beauty

Episode 42: Preserving the right to witness nature’s beauty

In a world where we are losing so many natural wonders, it’s so important for communities to stand up and protect our natural environment when given the opportunity. Mandy Robertson is a member of the Spider Crab Alliance – who are fighting to protect the yearly aggregation of spider crabs in the shallows of Port Phillip Bay. This group advocates to preserve this spectacle so that people of any age and ability can come to the shores and witness such an amazing sight for years to come.

Though Jacqui and Mandy are talking about spider crabs, this episode really highlights how nature needs people to not look away when something doesn’t feel right. The story of the spider crabs is an example of people coming together to take action on an issue that’s important to them, building a community and using their collective voice to empower others to step up too.

What do you want to protect? Have you ever thought about getting involved with a group or organisation working towards this? We hope that this chat will inspire you to take that next step.

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