Feb. 9, 2020

Episode 23 - Mark Spencer (Part 1): The Man Behind Climactic

Episode 23 - Mark Spencer (Part 1): The Man Behind Climactic

If you are into climate-related podcasts, chances are you have heard the name Climactic, or the voice of Mark Spencer. In April 2018 Mark saw a huge opportunity to connect everyday people with ideas to share about living well in the time of climate change, and Climactic was born.

He will tell you that his podcast had humble beginnings, but Mark is a natural story-teller, and in a few short years, he's successfully gained interviews with politicians, sustainability experts, health professionals, filmmakers and many regular people making a difference.

The Climactic Collective podcast has since released more than 100 hours of published audio over 150 episodes, and has recently topped one hundred thousand downloads.

He co-founded this platform to share people’s stories in their daily struggle to live sustainable lives. We feel privileged that amongst all of this, he connected with us, and gave us some of his time to get to know a little bit more about his personal story.

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