June 15, 2021

INTRO | Why ReGenOmics Down Under?

INTRO | Why ReGenOmics Down Under?

RE - because the best solutions are REgional
GEN - because the best solutions  reGENerate (not just reduce harm)
OMICS - because the best solutions create better economies (especially regional)

Down Under - because our focus is our region - Australia and New Zealand - with stories from across the Pacific, through the “global south” and around the world.

We have the solutions - and they're spreading

This show explores the wealth of actionable climate solutions that are being delivered “down under” by citizen-innovators in local communities  and business organisations across our region.

Show host Leigh Baker of Balance3 leverages decades of supply chain experience and a passion for practical solutions to go beyond "everybody knows" and talk to the climate solutionists playing the regeneration game.

Original music and audio editing by Ian Hopkinson, Human Hacker and serial digital entrepreneur.


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Welcome to ReGenOmics Down Under

Welcome to ReGenOmics Down Under -  a podcast about the wealth of no government required climate solutions already happening on the ground in Australia, and around the world. It's the story of how citizen innovators are turning their local and regional economies regenerative. 

Why make this podcast? Even today, way too many of the common conversations around global warming still target two rather depressing, repetitive themes. The first theme is all about how big government and big business need to make big changes, especially about what they're not doing, that they darn well should. The second theme is about how so called ordinary people, consumers, small businesses, communities need to play their part by using less, or by investing in specific, often expensive solutions, like solar panels anyways. 

Both themes are important. But it's like discussing a vanilla slice, and only talking about the pastry on the top and the bottom. These two themes ignore the sticky, messy, tasty  filling that's most of the slice, the good bit. The solutions, the actionable solutions we already have. Global warming is a symptom, a symptom of centuries of de-generative systems and practices that go back beyond the Industrial Revolution. 

The symptom isn't the problem. The solution is a smarter goal, regeneration, making systems that work for 100% of the world, people, animals, ecosystems, oceans, the whole world. When you start looking, you find that 1000s of innovators have been working on solutions for decades. And those solutions are being scaled. So today, reversing global warming has lots of accessible actions, actions around reinventing, redesigning and rebuilding the systems that deliver our products and services so that those systems, regenerate communities and regenerate ecosystems. 

It's a game that works beautifully at local and regional levels. It's not just the game for the big boys. And it's a game that 1000s of individuals, communities, councils and local businesses are already playing all around Australia. Businesses, individuals, communities, not for profit in regions are doing some pretty awesome things. In this podcast, we're going to explore what's happening, where it's happening and how it's happening. Plus, we'll talk about the framework, the modeling the evidence, the new knowledge and the ancient wisdom behind the solutions, so that you can find your best way to be an active player instead of a worried watcher. You're listening to region omics down under - a podcast about the climate solutions happening today.