Sept. 12, 2021

Micro Episode 4: Be your own biggest critic (...sometimes)

Micro Episode 4: Be your own biggest critic (...sometimes)

On this episode of Producing with Purpose, I cover the importance of sometimes reflecting on the work you're doing and allowing yourself to be your own critic. 

This isn't something we want to be doing too often, as it's important to wake up every day and be the champion and dreamer for your own success, but reflection on where we're falling short is important to make sure we're taking the right steps to hit those goals.

It's with this self-reflection that the podcast is going to be changing slightly in subsequent episodes, with more of a focus on expertise of the guests to give you the most valuable information and insights. We'll be launching the new website in the coming week and we'll be ramping things up more on Instagram, so I appreciate you heading over to @producingwithpurpose and giving us a follow.

Cheers - Tony