Oct. 27, 2020

Who Won’t You F**k to Save the Planet?

Who Won’t You F**k to Save the Planet?

As our consensus of concern continues to shift as our damaged planet spins, we wanted to understand if the definition of desirability has changed as much as our climate.

Hence the question: Who Won’t You F**k to Save the Planet?

It’s possibly something you’ve never considered – or something you’ve explicitly said in your dating app profile. Or more likely, as with many undesirable characteristics in our romantic interests, you’ve worn the anti-environmental red flag like a bandanna over your eyes, because you’ve simply wanted to get laid. Perhaps you’ve swiped right to a climate change denier, accepting the fact that for one night only, you’re going to be a sustainability slut.

The episode uses sex as a lens to discuss what we do and don’t value when it comes to the protection of the planet and our environmental future, and performs a particularly unique exploration of the topic when we examine our ‘inhibitions’ at the most vulnerable and intimate versions of ourselves. With a diverse range of voices interviewed, we found, as with most opinions about sex, no two answers were the same.

So if you’re reading this and feel infuriated, enticed – or just plain curious to hear what other people have to say about their relationship with sex and environmental ethics, tune in.

And for a rule of green thumb: don’t go down on people who aren’t down with your values.

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