April 29, 2021

Edinburgh climate action | Jamie Brogan

Edinburgh climate action | Jamie Brogan

In episode two of this series by the Place-based Climate Action Network (PCAN), meet a co-investigator for the PCAN project, Jamie Brogan, from Edinburgh Climate Change Institute (ECCI).

Co-hosts Professor John Barry, from Queen’s University Belfast, and Kate Lock, from the University of Leeds, talk to Jamie about the Edinburgh Climate Commission and his work on the interface between academia and industry.

Jamie explains some of the challenges of launching a climate commission amidst a global pandemic, and their recommendations for a green recovery. He discusses the upcoming opportunity for Edinburgh and Scotland to lead the way as COP26 approaches. Plus, he shares his love of cycling and hill-walking, and of whisky (without the ‘e’).

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Produced and edited by Simon Moore from the University of Leeds.

Music by Lloyd Richards.

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