June 29, 2021

Belfast climate action | Clare McKeown and Amanda Slevin

Belfast climate action | Clare McKeown and Amanda Slevin

In episode four Kate and John catch up with two core members of the Belfast Climate Commission, Clare McKeown, Sustainable Development Manager from Belfast City Council, and Amanda Slevin, PCAN Policy Fellow from Queens University Belfast.

Clare explains what it’s been like to work in close partnership with academics, and outlines the Council’s “absolute commitment” to tackling the climate emergency.

Amanda discusses her involvement in Northern Ireland’s first Climate Change Bill, which is currently making its way through Stormont. And she explains why her activist approach to work gives her the energy to keep pushing for positive change.

Join co-hosts Professor John Barry, from Queen’s University Belfast, and Kate Lock, from the University of Leeds, to hear how climate action is helping to bridge divides across the Irish Sea, in Northern Ireland.

Find out more about the work of the Place-based Climate Action Network by following us on Twitter @PCANcities or visiting our website: https://www.pcancities.org.uk/

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Produced and edited by Simon Moore (@Simon_C_Moore) from the University of Leeds.

Music by Lloyd Richards.

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