April 6, 2021

Re-imagining our food system @ The Great Local Lunch

Re-imagining our food system @ The Great Local Lunch

Do you eat food?

Do you care where your food comes from, how it was grown, and who grows it?

If the answer is YES, then this is the episode for you, because today’s episode was recorded during the National Sustainable Living Festival’s ‘Great Local Lunch’, where I had the absolute pleasure to join a bunch of legends who are re-inventing and re-imagining what our food system could & should look like.

This was SUCH an interesting cast of characters, who are all at THE pointy end of regenerative farming, wild foods, and our future food systems.

We recorded these chats whilst Costa was hosting a live production set in the background… so there is some background noise, but it all just adds to the vibe and the feeling from the day.

In this episode you will hear from:

Maree Lowes & Charlie Arnott – Co-hosts of new impact production 'Eat Dirt', which starts with the premise that we have only 60 years of topsoil remaining, and aims to use storytelling to connect people to their food

Peter Hardwick - Wild food researcher and forager who has spent a career learning the wild origins of our foods. Peter speaks to how we limit ourselves from the enormity of edible plants out there that we don’t regard as standard due to our societal norms; plants that grow without fertiliser, without irrigation, and are resistant to pests and diseases

Blair Beattie - Co-owner of Harvest restaurant and currently working with to bring Farmer's Footprint to Australia. Blair is working to connect people to our food system in meaningful ways. He’s also always good for an expletive-filled rant.

Joel Orchard – A first-generation small-scale farmer and Co-founder and Chair of Young Farmers Connect, and someone who is really building this community of people re-connecting to food production and choosing to be custodians of our food system.

Jacob Birch – an Aboriginal man and researcher at Southern Cross University exploring the nutrient profile of native grains, who explains the cultural and ethical challenges of commercialising these ingredients. Jacob highlights to importance of having native people involved in the growing and selling of our native ingredients, lest we extract and commoditise these ingredients at the detriment to their traditional custodians

Venetia Scott – a new farmer working in the space of agroecology, and someone who re-structured her entire life from working in law and doing what society told her she should do to shedding her suburban life and working with the land. Venetia shares beautifully her story from turning her back on a secure income, turning to a different story, and reconnecting to Nature.

This episode really has everything… life changes, indigenous perspectives, wild ideas…. Blair swears, I inhale one of Joel’s dried crickets, there's a bunch of stuff going on in the background, and I really hope it gives you multiple perspectives from some incredible change-makers in our food system.

So please enjoy these conversations from guests at the NSLF’s Great Local Lunch :)