July 6, 2021

Rachel Cavanagh sees connection to country (live @ Renew Fest)

Rachel Cavanagh sees connection to country (live @ Renew Fest)

It's NAIDOC week! A time to celebrate and amplify indigenous voices, and I have a great one for you on today’s episode

This conversation was recorded live at Renew Fest back in May. It was SUCH an amazing festival with just the most incredible people, thinkers, talks, workshops, performances, and ceremonies. I highly recommend if you can to get out to Renew Fest next year

Today's conversation was with one of the headline speakers, and over the next few weeks I will be sharing more of these live headline conversations from the festival, interspersed between my regular episodes

My guest today, Rachel Cavanagh, is a Minjungbal and Yugambeh woman from Bundjalung Nation; she is also a firefighter and cultural fire and land management expert who has studied natural & cultural resource management, and has worked for the Forestry Corporation of NSW, the Forest Stewardship Council of Australia & NZ, and Firesticks Alliance Indigenous Corporation. (So she knows a thing or two about cultural fire and land management practices)

We talk about a lot of things in this yarn, starting with the impacts of 2019/20 bushfires – not just the devastating environmental destruction, but also the deep cultural loss that aboriginal people felt and continue to feel from those events

We talk about society's mis-management of country, and how externalising the cause of these fires to something like climate change is over-simplifying things, and is really reflective of our disconnection to land and country as a whole

We talk about the need to have people on-country and looking after it, and some of the problems that sections of the environmental movement are causing by saying we just need to let things re-wild

And best of all she beautifully shares her perspective of what connection to country is, and how that looks, sounds, feels, and smells, and what we can do to re-build that connection in our own lives

Happy NAIDOC week everybody, and please enjoy this conversation, live from Renew Fest, with Rachel Cavanagh