May 12, 2021

Jimmy Halfcut sees a return to whole rainforests

Jimmy Halfcut sees a return to whole rainforests

My guest today is… pretty hard to miss.

He’s got half of a massive beard, talks like a kookaburra, and is a force of Nature in the charitable fundraising world.

He and his organisation, Halfcut, have been campaigning HARD to raise funds for the protection and regeneration of our native Australian rainforests.

I used to be a street fundraiser. I’d be out on the streets, Monday to Friday, 9-5, trying to stop people to get their credit card details for environmental causes. It’s hard work, and you face constant rejection.

My guest today, Jimmy Halfcut, has found that sweet spot in making fundraising fun and aspirational. Motivated by the shocking fact that HALF of our world’s rainforests have been cut down, his organisation encourages people to shave half their beard, braid half their hair, or get creative in whatever way they can to raise awareness and funds for our rainforests.

And the thing I really love about his approach is that it is so open and collaborative.

In a world where we are always faced with competing interests, just think about political parties or corporations, the Halfcut crew are building alliances with businesses, other charities, and Aboriginal custodians, all to protect our rainforests.

In this wide ranging conversation we talk about a lot of things, including the current situation with the world’s and Australia’s rainforest. We talk about the competitiveness of charities and how this plays into our existing capitalist paradigm. We talk about the growing divestment movement, that is, people switching from their existing bank, super fund, electricity retailer, and more, in an effort to put their money where they would rather see it used for good.

And Jimmy shares his own personal stories, including how as a young kid he watched as his backyard was destroyed in the name of development for a highway and the impact that had on him; and how he and his partner went from exploring the world and seeing rainforest conservation globally, to going through a traumatic personal incident and how that gave them purpose to continue on for a cause bigger than themselves.

I am so grateful to have met this guy and had the opportunity to connect. I just know you’ll love him too.