Aug. 18, 2021

Danny Almagor sees a life without borders

Danny Almagor sees a life without borders

Are you feeling burnt out at everything happening in the world at the moment?

Recently we’ve had lockdowns, the IPCC report, the Afghanistan crisis, ongoing environmental campaigns such as PEP11, the Daintree, and the Tarkine, and we have ever increasing border restrictions.

Overlaid over all of this in media and social media is this increased polarisation of society; where people with differing beliefs are placing themselves and others in opposing camps and arguing and fighting with each other. And it’s intensifying.

My hope is that today’s conversation is a bit of an antidote to all of that…

You see my guest today, Danny Almagor, is someone who has spent his life and career trying to break down these borders, walls, and divisions in society.

He founded Engineers Without Borders Australia in 2003, and has since moved on to co-found Small Giants, which is an organisation that creates, supports, and nurtures businesses that shift us to a more equitable and regenerative world. They are truly trying to usher in the next economy based on passion, purpose, and empathy.

Small Giants were one the pioneers of the B-Corp movement in Australia. Some of the organisations under their umbrella include Impact Investment Group, Dumbo Feather, The Sociable Weaver, and many more, and they now have the Small Giants Academy, which focuses on education, training, and transformational journeys for leaders of the next economy.

In this conversation we start by talking about Engineers Without Borders, and how even the name ‘without borders’ implies that traditionally, normally, we HAVE borders. And that this mentality creates a duality, or ‘otherness’ or society, and that if you are one you must not be the other. We talk about how this mentality plays out so destructively especially in the political and business worlds, and how, if we want to truly change and usher in this next economy or new world, we need to move past this way of thinking