Nov. 1, 2020

8 - Geoff Lawton sees permaculture as a revolution of thought

8 - Geoff Lawton sees permaculture as a revolution of thought

It’s been a crazy year. 

One of the things we’ve seen is people choosing to flee the cities to the regional areas, partly to reconnect with Nature.

We’ve also seen people turn to gardening in a big way, reconnecting with where their food is coming from and this push towards localisation. 

So it was really fitting to talk to Geoff Lawton, one of the gurus of permaculture. Geoff is a world-renowned permaculture designer and teacher. But more importantly than that, he is someone who really embodies his own philosophy and practices what he preaches.

Through his online permaculture design courses and his youtube channel, Geoff reaches thousands of people teaching them not just about how to manage landscapes, but how to see the world through the permaculture design principles.

Because here's the thing... permaculture is not just a set of organic gardening tips. 
It's a philosophy. 
It’s a way of interacting with our world in a mindful, natural way. 
It's a revolution of thought. 

And I think as a broader society, that’s what we’re doing. We’ve had this year of pause. And many of us are reconsidering the way in which we want to live, where, and how, and with who, and doing what.

This is how Geoff sees the world every day.

Geoff graciously invited me to his home at Zaytuna Farm where we discussed managing landscapes (of course), the importance of diversity on a grand scale, natural systems and about how we as humans have no idea what’s truly going on (as much as we like to think we do), and about the sense of wonder that 4 year olds have and how we can get that back through connecting with Nature.. and just so much more.

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