Oct. 18, 2020

7 - Alison Crook sees power to the people

7 - Alison Crook sees power to the people

Alison Crook AO is a former Australian Business Woman of the Year, and is the Co-Founder and Chair of Enova Community Energy; Australia's first community-owned and social enterprise energy retailer.

After a long and successful career in the business and government sectors, Alison was spurred into action to support environmental causes and found herself joining the Bentley Blockade protesting the coal seam gas industry in the Northern Rivers.

After the success of stopping the fossil fuel advance, she found herself asking what we can do to accelerate the transition to renewable and community-owned energy, and started a new electricity retailer with ZERO experience in the energy industry!

We often hear people talk about elements of society or the economy of how the way things 'should' be, but we don't hear a lot of ideas of how to transition there. Well Enova is a living example of how to make change happen.

Alison joined me at The Corner Palm in Byron Bay, where we talked about renewables, community ownership, localisation, and people taking back their power (literally).

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