Oct. 4, 2020

6 - Tim Silverwood sees a sustainable and abundant Planet Ocean

6 - Tim Silverwood sees a sustainable and abundant Planet Ocean

Tim Silverwood is a good man... a really good man.

He is a well-known and well-travelled environmental advocate, who has seen first hand the issues of pollution, particularly in our oceans, and has spent the better part of his working life educating and inspiring people to care about our planet.

He co-founded Take 3 for the Sea, which has grown into a movement helping to bring the issue of plastic pollution in our oceans to the forefront of society’s consciousness. (He was advocating for banning plastic bags, container deposit schemes, and reusable cups and straws WELL before they were cool).

In his newest foray he is the co-founder of Ocean Impact Organisation, a startup accelerator helping businesses to positively impact our oceans, which you can learn much more about in this episode. 

I was able to intrude into Tim's brief holiday in the Byron region, where we talked about his love of and connection to Nature at an early age, why storytelling and building that connection is so important, the current state of the world and how it's a really pivotal moment in time, Ocean Impact Organisation’s work, what they’re doing and why, and so much more.

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