Sept. 6, 2020

4 - Ella Noah Bancroft sees a decolonised culture

4 - Ella Noah Bancroft sees a decolonised culture

This episode's guest is Ella Noah Bancroft.

Ella is an artist and Bundjalung woman, and is a powerful and growing voice advocating for Aboriginal culture and reconnecting to our land and to each other.

She is becoming a regular as a public speaker and interviewee (appearing recently on World Localisation Day, and in the latest edition of Dumbo Feather) because of her unique and profound way to cut right through our social conditioning and ask questions that challenge our shortly-held societal beliefs.

She wears her heart on her sleeve, and is willing to be vulnerable and courageous in following her convictions. Her perspective on the world could be considered by some as 'radical', or it could be considered necessary.

Ella joined me at The Corner Palm in Byron Bay, where we talked about her dramatically different childhood experiences living in 'normal' western culture vs on an Aboriginal community, her work in finding her voice as an activist, and on decolonisation; what it means and what we can do as individuals.

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