Aug. 23, 2020

3 - Pete Ceglinski sees a world without Seabins

3 - Pete Ceglinski sees a world without Seabins

This episode's guest is Pete Ceglinski.

Pete is the Co-Founder and CEO of Seabin Project, the incredible invention that has not only removed over 1million kg's of marine litter from our waterways, but also runs educational courses in schools and businesses about preventing pollution in the first place.

But the true power of Seabin Project is not just what they do, but they way they engage people and build community. Through fundraisers, online content, educational events, and more, Pete and his team have truly built a movement. The power of this was obvious earlier in 2020 when Seabin Project ran a successful crowdfunding campaign raising over $1.8million from over 1600 investors.

Pete graciously invited me to Seabin's head office in Mullumbimby where we talked about not just what he does, but the way he sees the world. His unassuming and grounded nature makes me think about how many other great ideas people have dreamt up before but have never seen the light of day, simply because we haven't taken that first step.

Key point... don't overthink things!

Pete's a legend and you'll quickly hear why in this episode.

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