Jan. 10, 2021

12 - Julian Mitchell sees through the lens of the fungi kingdom

12 - Julian Mitchell sees through the lens of the fungi kingdom

My intention with these conversations is to bring you a unique perspective. To hear from someone who maybe sees things a bit differently. Well, I can guarantee this episode's guest fits that bill perfectly.

He sees the world though the beautiful and complex web of the fungi kingdom.

Fungi. They're Nature’s recyclers. The decomposers of our world. The nutrient cyclers. They turn waste into new life. They're also valuable sources of food, medicine, environmental services, and SO many other practical uses.

But despite their abundance in our world, they’re still quite cryptic to us.

We humans think we’ve described maybe 5% of fungi, and it's quite possible there are so many more out there that we don’t know about.

It really is a different world down there.

Enter my guest today. Julian Mitchell is the Co-Founder & CEO of Life Cykel, which started out as a mushroom farming business but has now quickly grown into a cutting edge mushroom biotechnology company.

On top of being well and truly in this magical mushroom kingdom, he’s also a future-focussed entrepreneur who truly sees the power of ethical business as a means of improving our world.

In this conversations he shares the LifeCykel origin story, about how he went from being a sports physio in the English Premier Leaugue, to growing mushrooms out of coffee waste, to being on the forefront of fungi biotech.

We talk about the role that good businesses can play in society, and the importance of transparency, localization, and redefining success as not monetary return but positive impact on the world.

And of course, we talk ALL things fungi and get into the woods on its potential uses. Everything from environmental services like repurposing waste products, cleaning up oil spills, sustainable packaging, breaking down textile wastes, & enhancing soil health. We talk about the medicinal elements of mushrooms including stimulating nerve growth, increasing our body’s oxygen uptake, mental health benefits including psychoactive properties, antibiotics, ... and SO much more.

Julian really paints this picture of mushrooms being a teacher, and explains the parallels that we can draw between the interactions that happen under-ground through the mycelium network, and how we can view that and ask ourselves "How should we be living and interacting with nature and each other above-ground’?

I really think you’re going to love going down the mushroom spiral on this one.

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