May 27, 2021

Phil Pettit and Community Greening - "People, Plants, Places" Growing Community, Connections & Food

Phil Pettit and Community Greening - "People, Plants, Places" Growing Community, Connections & Food

Cosy up, listen in and be inspired by Phil Pettit and the warm, high impact stories he shares in this episode about Community Greening, The Master Gardener Program, Youth Community Greening and the wonderful people and communities he and his colleagues work with in Sydney and across rural and remote New South Wales. 

Investing in people, growing community connections, food and opportunities for less advantaged people is the core, joyful business of Phil Pettit and the Community Greening and Youth Community Greening teams from Sydney’s Royal Botanic Gardens.  With heart and flair, these fabulous people deliver therapeutic horticulture programs and wideranging activities in diverse communities, in some 850 food and other gardens, to touch and uplift the lives of over 100 000 people each year in NSW. 

The logo and motto of Community Greening is ‘People, Plants & Places’. The connections, relationships and opportunities that the program fosters and helps deliver are absolutely all about that: demonstrable proof of the diverse joys and benefits of care gardening and farming that was a key theme of this year’s inaugural Urban Agriculture Month (April 2021). 

Phil and his team hosted a number of very special events as part of Urban Agriculture Month: that Foodswell was chuffed to partner on, along with SUSTAIN The Australian Food Network, with support from the City Of Sydney. The Lunch-n-Learn Wild Weeds Foraging Workshop with Diego Bonetto was a highlight as was the Growing Bush Foods in Small Places Lunch-n-Learn session led by Brenden Moore from the Community Greening team. 

Bravo to all involved!  And, if you missed the ‘big’ event,  Live at the Calyx – First Nations’ Enterprise in Conversation & Action – a fabulous conversation hosted by Clarence Slockee in conversation with Brenden Moore, Sharon Winsor and Chris Andrews you can watch it live on Youtube at

In April, Ep 11 of Nourishing Matters was all about Urban Agriculture Month – featuring a great conversation with Jess Miller, Councillor with the City of Sydney, Naomi Lacey, President, Community Gardens Australia, and Dr Nick Rose, Executive Director, SUSTAIN The Australian Food Network.

Phil was unable to join that conversation – because, well, he was on the road to Wilcannia with Brenden growing good things. So, all the more reason to catch up and hear from him in this episode. Huge thanks Phil – a complete pleasure to speak with you and yup, am inspired by and love your work! 












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