Dec. 21, 2021

Paul West – HOMEGROWN, seasonal food, community

Paul West – HOMEGROWN, seasonal food, community

We can all give it a go to grow, prepare and enjoy fresh, seasonal food and Paul’s new book HOMEGROWN is a feast for the eyes and of gardening tips, recipes and practical inspiration to do just that. A perfect gift for the holidays and throughout the seasons – a gift that keeps on giving! 

A warm episode to wrap up 2021. I loved meeting and speaking with Paul about HOMEGROWN, his home, family and inspirations, reflections on the bushfires and COVID, and the pleasures of deliciously fresh, seasonal food and good times to be had when family, friends and community grow, cook and get together. Yup – building a life around food and community and the many ‘small’ pleasures but collectively ‘big’ things we can each do become that little bit more self-sufficient. 

HOMEGROWN is a joyful book to dip into throughout the year and as Paul says, his hope is that it’s friendly, accessible, conversational and empowering for anyone and everyone of all ages. It’s all that and more.  As he shares in our chat, it’s a ‘book-end’ of sorts and excellent companion to his first book The Edible Garden – Cookbook and Growing Guide, now in its 4th edition.

In HOMEGROWN Paul journeys over the seasons, in his garden and kitchen, and shares gardening tips, recipes and other practical inspiration to give you the confidence and know-how you'll need to grow, cook and preserve your way through the year.

HOMEGROWN features planting guides for the most popular vegetables and fruit trees to grow yourself using whatever space you have, whether it's a balcony, backyard, or nature strip, and shares a year's worth of simple seasonal recipes, from basics such as bread, sauces, pickles and preserves to delicious meals that celebrate fresh produce from the garden.

Garden projects include:

  • Raising seedlings
  • DIY mobile chicken coop (I want one!)
  • Building a mini greenhouse
  • Growing potatoes in a bag
  • Protecting your garden from the heat
  • Making a raised bed from old pallets
  • Growing fruit trees from cuttings
  • Creating a fire circle

About Paul

Paul West is a chef, passionate gardener, sustainability advocate and popular media personality. He hosted four seasons of River Cottage Australia (Foxtel and SBS) and is a regular guest presenter on ABC television's Gardening Australia, Back Roads, and Catalyst and he is a co-founder of Grow It Local that connects people to grow great food where they live and more. Paul's philosophy is simple - grow your ingredients with love, prepare them simply and share them with family and friends. He advocates real food, community and gardening, and loves to show people how easy it is to prepare delicious meals using vibrant produce, without blowing the budget. He lives with his wife and children on the beautiful south coast of NSW.

Google, learn more and get in touch with Paul via his many media and local connections in the Eurbodalla Shire. 


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