May 20, 2021

On Offal (Part 2) - The joys and Benefits of Eating Nose to Tail – A Sliver of Liver!

On Offal (Part 2) - The joys and Benefits of Eating Nose to Tail – A Sliver of Liver!

Welcome to Part 2 of our great conversation about “offal” and the joys and benefits of Eating nose to tail.

Joining Anthea for this conversation are Kate Wingett and Grant Hilliard, who are both wonderfully knowledgeable people with deep knowledge and understanding of the animal ‘value-chain’ and how it currently does – and perhaps does not – work for human health, animal wellbeing and the environment.

Grant is the co-owner of the butchery Feather and Bone in Sydney, and co-author of 'The Ethical Omnivore – A Practical guide and 60 nose-to-tail recipes for sustainable meat eating'. Kate is a veterinarian who works in Animal Biosecurity in NSW and is currently completing her phd on the role of the Australian sheep meat system in achieving food and nutrition security, with a focus on monitoring production and consumption of products from the value chain.

In part 1 we dug in to talk about how well we are doing to eat nose to tail and to value the whole animal in the big picture, we spoke about supply chain blips, the data, and animal and environmental waste. In this Episode, we continue our conversation to discuss the great  nutrients that liver and other nutritious and delicious offal have to offer and talk about The Ethical Omnivore, the book, the community and great recipes that can inspire us to eat more nose to tail. 

So are we making waste of offal? And what are the nutrient and other great benefits that it offers that we could make more of? And enjoy! It’s affordable – did you know really good mince and sausages can be packed with super nutritious offal? It’s what gives the flavour hit Grant tells us…

Great reading suggestions 

  • Kate Wingett, Margaret Allman-Farinelli, and Robyn Alders,  “Food loss and nutrition security: reviewing pre-consumer loss in Australian sheep meat value chains using a Planetary Health framework”, CAB Reviews 2018 13, No. 033
  • Laura Dalymple, Grant Hilliard, Feather and Bone, The Ethical Omnivore – A practical guide and 60 nose-to-tail recipes for sustainable meat eating







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