April 29, 2021

Nourishing Books & Bites - Nicole Abadee on "Books, Books, Books" & more

Nourishing Books & Bites - Nicole Abadee on "Books, Books, Books" & more

A complete treat and fun, to speak with Nicole Abadee this week about her wonderful podcast Books, Books, Books and how books nourish and share joy and hope at times like these. Two talkative women, Nicole and I, went on a roadtrip to Scone last March to what was to then be the last ‘live’ Writers Festival for more than a year as COVID restrictions kicked in. 

Within a month or so, Nicole’s new podcast Books, Books, Books was up and underway featuring interviews with the best Australian and international writers about their new books that they could no longer promote or share live at book launches, writers festivals and other events. 

One of Nicole’s first interviews was with Julia Baird about her inspiring book Phosphorescence. Julia’s very personal and uplifting book about healing, hope and the solace of nature - and immersion in it – is absolutely one that’s pitch perfect for the times, and has rapidly become a popular bestseller. 

Listen in and enjoy hearing from Nic as we chat about and chew on podcasting, why writers write and about some special authors and recent books that speak to and about the precariousness of things and the vulnerabilities of living with climate change, bushfires and COVID, loss and hope. 

Join us to hear about Claire Thomas’s new novel The Performance and James Bradley’s Ghost Species, hear practical tips about how to manage eco-anxiety and positively engage with friends and colleagues about climate action from Rebecca Huntley, author or the non-fiction book, How to Talk About Climate Change. 

And enjoy a bite from the gorgeous book Animals Make Us Human, a compilation of wonderful short pieces about ‘animals’ by 40 well loved Australians. Instigated and edited by Leah Kaminsky and Meg Kenneally, this book shares reflections and stories from a myriad of voices who each  respond to the grief and loss of so many animals and biodiversity from the 2019/2020 black summer.  

Animals Make Us Human is an absolute jewel of a book and a call to action. You can look out for and listen in to Nicole’s interview with Meg and Leah, out soon, on Books, Books, Books. 

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