March 10, 2021

NOURISHING BOOKS & BITES - “Futuresteading – living like tomorrow matters”

NOURISHING BOOKS & BITES - “Futuresteading – living like tomorrow matters”

INTRODUCING NOURISHING BOOKS & BITES a series of fun mini-episodes that explores the inspiring projects, events, books and media that other people are involved with, to help shape a better tomorrow, today. People who are having conversations and taking action within their communities to create change and share hope and joy along the way. 

In this first episode of Nourishing Books & Bites, part of Foodswell’s Nourishing Matters series, I speak with Jade about Futuresteading – the ideas, the podcast and her forthcoming new book ‘Futuresteading - living like tomorrow matters’.

How do you live your life, like tomorrow matters? 

That little-big question is one Jade Miles and co-host Catie Payne approach with joy, wisdom and wit each week in their fabulous podcast Futuresteading. 

Jade and Catie reckon a slower, simpler, steadier existence is the first step - one that’s healthier for humans and the planet and I reckon Jade’s new book will inspire and nourish you in ways, large and small.  

‘Futuresteading - living like tomorrow matters’ will be available for pre sales by the end of March and it will be in bookstores from August 3. Murdoch publishing will release it and it also features artwork by Megan Grant.

Jade and co-host Catie release a weekly futuresteading podcast on Monday mornings with a wide and varied array of incredible humans doing bloody amazing things in the name of solidarity and inspiration.

The seven futuresteading principles are:

Meet mother nature

Celebrate Simple

Make your place

Seek Ritual

Create your clans

Salute the seasons

Love Local

...and break it into:

Feast, Create, Nourish, Grow, Ritual

...across six seasons:

Awakening, Alive, High Heat,Harvest, the Turning and Deep Chill

A new futuresteading website will be launched by 1 April and will not only host the 50+ podcast episodes but also an ability to order a signed book as well as a growing range of content on futuresteading know-how.

The tail end of 2021 will also see the futuresteading team kick off a range of intro and retreat futuresteading events and workshops.

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Facebook: @black_barn_farm

website: (both due to launch a new site on April 1) @ and

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