April 29, 2022

Matt Linnegar, CEO ARLF, on leadership and building community resilience

Matt Linnegar, CEO ARLF,  on leadership and building community resilience

Leadership - highly desirable and topical! Listen in to my great conversation with Matt Linnegar, that's all about leadership and two very special drought resilience programs that he and the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation is delivering to support farmers and rural communities. Key, support, skills and networks for people, resilient communities and our food systems.

Matt is the Chief Executive of the Australian Rural Leadership Foundation (ARLF) who's passionate about the programs ARLF runs, the people he works with and supporting rural and regional communities.

ARLF runs six programs and we chat about key leadership aptitudes common to all and then zoom in to talk about the Drought Resilience Leaders Development Program and the Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring Program that are current initiatives funded by the Future Drought Fund that ARLF deliver.

Talking about building drought resilience while so many people have experienced the recent trauma of extreme floods and fire, back to back, might seem a bit odd. But the challenges of drought and how to help people to build the personal and community skills and networks for 'resilience'  to cope with more extreme, frequent events, is a big part of what leadership development is all about -  for drought, fire, floods and other disasters. Matt says leadership is a practice, not about individuals, and all about helping communities to plan for challenges and to bounce back better. 

ARLF has over 1800 alumni, across Australia, some 18% of whom are Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people (check out the amazing Milparanga Leadership program on the ARLF site!) and already 12 regions and some 500 people across Australia have joined and benefitted from the Drought Resilience Leaders and the Drought Resilience Leaders Mentoring programs. 

And as we spoke good news - the programs are to be funded to continue and roll out the programs across more regions and for more mentors and mentees across Australia, so look out for news - or visit the ARLF site - learn more and get involved. 

Thanks Matt!

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