April 14, 2022

Erica Hughes on growing Farmer Meets Foodie in FNQ

Erica Hughes on growing Farmer Meets Foodie in FNQ

If you missed this popular Ep from season one, April '21, Listen Back to Erica's great story about why and how she went about creating Farmer Meets Foodie in far north Queensland. 

Imagine if great food from your region had to travel over 3000 kilometres from where it’s picked to land back in your local grocery store, 10 kilometres from where it was grown and picked?!  That’s a reality for a lot of top end producers and communities. 

Listen and be inspired by Erica Hughes and the wonderful Farmer Meets Foodie virtual farmers marketplace and food connections that she and her family are growing at Mt Molloy on the Atherton Tableland, North Queensland, to change that story for the better.  

Across the country there’s a rapidly growing appetite and demand for more local, regional and seasonal food. Food that’s produced ethically, sustainably, that’s fresh, good for people and for the environment and that adds value in interconnected ways across the value chain from ‘paddock to plate’. Whether it’s to reduce food miles, improve food choices and affordability, or to help local producers, communities and economies to regenerate and recover from times of drought and more, or for consumers to access food more safely, online during times like COVID.  

Knowing your foods provenance – where it comes from - and then having the ability to choose and act on that knowledge is really powerful. Farmer Meets Foodie gives people the power to make and drive those choices - via a platform that producers go to directly connect and transact with commercial food businesses and other consumers in their region in practical, change-making ways . And there’s more….great services and Meet & Greet events. It’s inspiring! 

Listen in to enjoy this lovely conversation with Erica (and Zoro the rooster and Umbra the dawg) to hear and learn more – to join their marketplace, get ideas and tips about how you and your community can get more local and regional food on the table, and support producers to be better recognised and rewarded for what they do. Love it.

To learn more, register and join the FARMER MEETS FOODIE MARKETPLACE go to:


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