Feb. 3, 2021

Dr Angela Pattison "Native Grains from Paddock to Plate"

Dr Angela Pattison "Native Grains from Paddock to Plate"

In this Episode, Dr Angela Pattison joins me in conversation to talk about the groundbreaking Native Grains From Paddock to Plate research project that she and her team from the University of Sydney have pioneered. Their research digs in to explore how Aboriginal people sustainably produced food from native ecosystems for thousands of years, and how, with Aboriginal oversight, to bring this knowledge to modern agrosystems and foods.

Industrial food systems rely on too few crops. The quest for greater agrobiodiversity in our food systems – for health, culture and environmental benefits – is a challenge to be met if we want to secure sustainable, diverse and healthy food for the future.

Bruce Pascoe’s book Dark Emu, Black seeds: agriculture or accident has and continues to  transform the way we re-see Australian history and better understand the industry and ingenuity that Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples applied to food production over millenia. It’s only seven short years since Dark Emu was published and already, its impact has been huge and continues to grow.  

Listen in to hear more about the world’s oldest breads, and future directions to grow, harvest and enjoy native grains as foods for the future. Hear from Angela about the challenges and opportunities for ‘factory’ and ‘pantry’ farming options and more.

Angela and her team released their first Native Grains From Paddock to Plate report during NAIDOC Week 2020 along with an incredible series of webinars. They’ve also produced a series of short videos and other resources that you can access, listen to or watch for free. 

Read the report from the one year Native Grains from Paddock to Plate study at:


Access the webinars, short videos and learn more about the research findings by visiting the University of Sydney website link at: 


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Dr Angela Pattison
Plant Breeding Institute, Narrabri, NSW

School of Life and Environmental Sciences, Faculty of Science, University of Sydney 


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