March 4, 2021

After the drought? Farming in western NSW

After the drought? Farming in western NSW

So what does the future for broadacre farming look and feel like out west after the drought and its cocktail of extreme dust storms, water shortages and the daily stress of feeding stock and planning for the future in an increasingly uncertain climate?

Listen in to this episode to hear from farmer Richard Bootle (who wears a few lively hats) about how the drought impacted his family and farm and how Bogan Farms are transitioning their broadacre cropping and grazing for greater economic and environmental resilience.

Richard and his partner Ian Perkins founded the Moxcol Group whose philosophy is to take traditional businesses and transform them through re-engineering business processes and applying tailored technology. 

The Group consists of:

  • Bogan Farms - agriculture
  • Smartlaw – a purely digital property lawfirm catering to people who can’t or don’t want to meet their lawyers face to face.
  • lawlab – the largest national full service property law firm specialising in conveyancing and legal processes
  • Rundl - an open business network for digital service delivery
  • Kodum - integrated audio, video and control technology to connect your business

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